In the new Kingdom the power of the priests and the role of the temples is emphasized. Pyramids are not built any more, while gigantic temple's projects are devised and constructed, and the main God becomes the Theban deity Amun, “joined” with Ra as Amun-Ra. The main cult centre of Amun is the temple of Karnak, in today's Luxor. The axis of Karnak is aligned with the winter solstice sunrise, while the front of the temple points towards the Nile and the Theban hills to the west. The sosticial orientation was striclty mantained by all subsequent additions. In particular, those made by the pharaoh queen Hatshepsut and the successor Thutmose III. In a room, which is clearly a solar shrine, added by this king we can read "We applaud your beautiful face you biggest of all Gods, Amun-Ra" and indeed, the magnificient spectacle of the sun rising in alignment with the Karnak axis is enjoyable still today.